Torch Lake Sailing School is committed to offering a safe sailing school experience for all students this summer. As a result, the following policies have been put in place:

  1. Torch Lake Sailing School will provide sailing instruction in small groups, or private lessons. Class length and times may be adjusted in order to accommodate necessary changes to group size.
  2. Face coverings will be worn by all staff and participants when in close proximity (6 ft or less).
  3. Participants will be paired in boats with same-household members OR with 1 close-contact friend with joint parent permission to be determined at the beginning of the session.
  4. Instructors will ride on a boat with a student with parent permission, with face coverings worn at all times.
  5. Staff and participants will complete a daily health screening at check-in.  Participants are encouraged to take temperature prior to coming to the yacht club and must stay home if ANY symptoms arise.
  6. Boats will be wiped down between each use.
  7. No sharing of water bottles, sunblock, snacks, pens/pencils or any personal items.
  8. There will be NO lost and found items kept at the club.
  9. Hand sanitizer will be offered frequently.
  10. All students and parents will be required to review these Covid-19 Safety Measures and sign a waiver which acknowledges the risk of participating in a group activity.


Before registering, please review our  waiver forms and emergency contact information form on our TLSS Waivers and Emergency Contact Forms page. These forms will be required to be completed in order to begin any of our classes.